Introduction to the BetDao Ecosystem

1 min readFeb 25, 2022

What is BetDao?
BetDao is a GameFi project set to revolutionize the gaming industry in Blockchain World.
BetDao incorporate a staking Decentralized Application ( Dapp) that allows gamers to earn $Bchief tokens, which will be used for betting systems from staking their $BDao tokens.
The main function of BetDao is gamefi betting system such as Lottery, Casino, and Sports betting where users will make massive income from the win.
In Gamefi ecosystem, players are to use their native coins Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bnb, etc, and also our native coin — $BChief token to play and get the chance to win in the pools and earn prizes.

You can bet on BETDAO because it brings you the most stimulating games, with the edge of gaming risk, using provable and fair algorithms and gaming systems. It is a fair game of time and chance and you do stand a chance to win. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to earn the unique $BCHIEF token, with straightforward functionality.

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BetDao is a GameFi project set to revolutionize the gaming industry.