BetDao Tokenomics

1 min readFeb 25, 2022

The BetDao Ecosystem is powered mainly by two tokens namely: $BDao and $BChief.

$BDao is the native token of the BetDao ecosystem with a total supply of 10 billion $BDao tokens. There is a 12% buy tax and 15% tax for selling the $BDao tokens. 100% of $BDao tokens are allocated to the liquidity pool locked on Unicrypt.

$Bchief is the governance token of the BetDao ecosystem with a total supply of 10 million $Bchief tokens. It is not buyable and users can only earn $Bchief via staking Dapp. The $Bchief token has no buying or selling tax.

20% of the total supply is allocated for providing liquidity on the liquidity pool, 12% to the founding team, 12% is allocated for the development of the BetDao ecosystem, and 56% of the total supply is allocated for the BetDao community (10% for airdrop and 46% for staking rewards).

The staking DApp enables users to earn the BetDao governance token. By holding the BetDao governance token, users have the chance to earn the profit through the BetDao betting ecosystem and lottery platform.
The governance token holders can make decisions on the growth of the BetDao ecosystem.
In the future, governance token holders can vote on allowing regular BetDao users to buy the governance token.

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