A Comprehensive Overview of BetDao Gaming System-II

2 min readFeb 25, 2022

Sports Betting

The BetDao project also comes with an exciting approach to sports betting. It offers a wide range of adrenaline-pumping games to stake your bet on and enjoy a game alongside.

The gaming process is pretty simple but with the edge is a risky play. Users get to participate in the gaming experience by betting on the matches they support, using crypto. Users stand the chance to earn up to 50ETH if the stakes go in their favour.

There are over 5 supported sport-types on BetDao, with a possibility of adding others to the mix with more players and recommendations.

SOCCER is the first on the list of sports supported on BetDao. Feel free to bet on the matches of your choice under games like the Bundesliga, with Germany’s finest on the hot seat; La Liga matches, with the best of Spanish football; Premier League with all the premium soccer magic; UEFA; Serie A; Ligue 1 and the game of thrones of football — the Champions League!

UFC comes next in line, with all the force and artistic violence. Here, users get the chance to bet on their fighting champions — from Miller, to Pearce, to Walker and Buckley, to mention but a few. Beyond just entering the fierceness of the fight, users can tip the excitement a notch higher by betting on the game!

What would anyone give to have had the chance to bet on the likes of Mohammed Ali, Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson?

BOXING is the next big thing on this list. Nevertheless, even if
the likes of Ali are no longer around to be bet on, there are still the likes of Khan, Brooks, Fury, Ngannou and a host of other champions to pick from in this betting niche. BetDao offers a platform for boxing enthusiasts to not just lay stakes on the games in the ring but to make it a lot more fiercer by betting on their favourite games, using crypto.

CRICKET and no, we certainly do not mean the insect. Apart from the raging excitement to be gotten from the sounds of batting and the runs from wicket to wicket, BetDao hopes to make watching cricket even more awe inspiring. Users can place bets on their favourite teams from England, to India, or even the West Indies!

If RUGBY is considered fierce and dangerous, then placing a bet on it just made it much more! Rugby is one of the sport-types featured in the BetDao extreme sports betting category.
Users can bet on their favourite teams as they go to war on the pitch and not just enjoy the game but enjoy their own winnings too! The fiercer the game, the better the odds of a win!

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