A Comprehensive Overview of BetDao GameFi System- I

3 min readFeb 25, 2022

The BetDao GameFi system is structured into three major gamefi sections namely: the lottery gamefi, the casino gamefi and the sports betting gamefi. Here, the games are simulated in the different forms — as lotteries, as casino games or as sports betting. In other words, BETDAO offers you your very own crypto laden Las Vegas!

There are two major game types in the lottery gaming system namely: Fatal Fortune and Y.O.L.O.
In Fatal Fortune, users buy tickets and get to be part of the Fatal Fortune round where only two people can get the fortunes and the others turn fatalities of the game. A round ends once the users get to be 20 in number and the game picks the first and second winner randomly. Once the users are picked, they are given their prize for the round.

Is lady luck your best friend? Then, this might just be the game for you.

In Y.O.L.O, you really only live once. Every day, a round is drawn and users can buy tickets to join the round. Each user is expected to make a choice of 6 numbers, either manually or automatically and wait for the end of the round, when the winning 6 numbers are displayed. After this, prizes are distributed based on certain rules and the numbers that match.

If James Bond had you on the edge of your seat, this gaming system brings you to the edge of gaming paradise, with the number of things that can go wrong and the staggering stakes of the wins one can get to make if things go right.

There are three major gaming types in this system, namely: Crash, Classic and Mines.
Crash is the game with the spice of danger in the Casino Royale, everything hangs on a curve, literally. In this game from BETDAO, there is a curve and it offers a multiplier that starts at ×100. Users are expected to place a bet with focus on the curve and be ready to cash out before the curve crashes but hold out long enough to pick just the right time and get a good reward for your efforts. The wins in Crash are determined by the calculation of the bet and multiplying it with the multiplier level that the user cashed out on.

Classic takes us back to the good old dice and how all the tension that can stay wrapped around the roll of a cube. In the classic play, players get to predict the numbers to come out as an outcome in the game. These predictions can lead to big wins in the form of crypto rewards like $BCHIEF. The closer the predicted number is to the winning numbers, the better the chances of winning.

In the case of Mines, things get a lot trickier. It is a game that was inspired by the Minesweeper game and follows a similar pattern with gems and fortunes in the form of BETDAO tokens ($BDAO) to be found and numerous dangers lurking around to make that impossible. In this gaming space there is a grid and within it exists gems that serve as multipliers. The higher the gems found, the higher the multipliers and the higher the layout for those so sure that they would lose. However, the stakes are still high and there is still an edge to it, a single bomb would mean that you have come to the end of mines.

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